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Thanks to Betty Carruthers for supplying this picture of her "Saki" 

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For those who don’t know: JBBS focuses on history and love of cats, especially, the JBT. Please invite even your pet people to join... they would enjoy seeing their baby in the newsletter under "Bobtail Antics" or stories about the silly things they do. We also have a stack of old newsletter, a couple from the 90s that are available for purchase. 

If you have recently placed a JBT help them to learn about the life, lore and love of the JBT through the Society. This issue features ten JBTS who made their mark in CFA. We would love to have the same information for TICA. Any offers?

Editorial Policy: The policy of Bob-Tales is to promote the knowledge and interest in Japanese Bobtails to comment. breeders, owners and the general public. Bob-Tales will strive to enhance the image of all members as dedicated hobbyists.


Submissions Articles concerning breeding, exhibiting and improving the breed, as well as the care and welfare of all cats, will be welcomed. All submissions will be carefully considered and if accepted, will be published without compensation to the submitter. In no case will materials which are inflammatory or denigrate or ridicule JBBS, its membership or any association, cat or person be published. This includes submissions in the form of Letters to the Editor. Editor reserves right to edit submissions. Contact editor for manuscript guidelines or see the Masthead of the newsletter and for Cover Cat photos.


REMINDER: Classified ads, Litter News and Grandstand (which requires a photo) are FREE for members. Before sending a digital picture, please take note of the preferred format, and please contact the Editor with any questions.


Deadlines and Publishing Dates Bob-Tales is published 4 times a year, February, May, August and November. Deadline is the 15th of the month preceding each issue. To be scored for annual awards and to be published as part of Show News, all scores must be submitted to the Show Scorer within 90 days of the show. Any opinions, ideas, and statements of views expressed in Bob-Tales are not necessarily those of JBBS, its Board or Editorial Staff. JBBS assumes no liability for content.

JOIN OUR ON-LINE GROUP:  You don't have to be a member of JBBS to join, but you must be a member of yahoo. Go to for information. This group is used for unofficial announcements by the Society and personal announcements of JBT lovers.

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