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President Lu Gilliam  

Vice-President Gena Garton

Secretary/Editor Marianne Clark
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Treasurer Lisa Rowe
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Highlights of our Code of Ethics that members agree to abide by includes:

Concern for the Breed:
Respecting the nature of the JBT, active and lively, provide clean and pleasant environment, sell or place cats and kittens in homes where they are loved and well cared for, and breeding for the enjoyment of having JBTs and preserving the breed and not for financial gain. Members will not place cats in shelters or rescue facilities.

Accurate Representation:Will help prospective owners understand the merits and personality and all terms of placement. To be honest and fair in appraisals. Will not make promises such as "Future Grand".

Agreements and Certifications: Will sell pet kittens on a spay/neuter agreement and Show Cats with proper paperwork. Will not breed unregistered JBTs or breed registered JBTs to other breeds.

Integrity, Ethics, Professional Standards: Will not knowingly expose cats or people to disease. Cats will be immunized and tested for Feline Leukemia. Will not show any Grand Champion titled cat in any association as a Household pet. 



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