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The Japanese Bobtail Breeders' Society

a non-affiliated cat club, was established in 1979 by dedicated JBT breeders. It is the longest active JBT club in the world! We are proud that everyone is invited to join JBBS and participate! 


The Goals and Purposes of the Club are varied, but all are for our love of cats. We promote and develop interest in and knowledge of the Japanese Bobtail. We try to cultivate and encourage friendship and communication among members of the Club and Japanese Bobtail breeders. We promote and encourage a high standard of ethics in breeding, care, sales, and showing of Japanese Bobtail cats. Though trite but true, we promote the welfare of all cats.


Regarding membership: Voting membership in the Japanese Bobtail Breeders' Society is limited to persons eighteen years of age or older who own, show and/or breed Japanese Bobtail cats registered in any of the organizations or are simply interested in our wonderful breed.  Associate membership in J.B.B.S. shall be open to anyone interested in Japanese Bobtails. A breeder may choose only to be an associate member. 

What does your membership bring? A quarterly color newsletter, a chance to showcase your cats in our Grandstand for free, Litter news (always fun to read), and the opportunity to earn year end awards for your cat(s).  Please visit our *About Us* to learn about our newsletter, BOB-TALES and our on line list open to non-members, jbobtails. 



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